How to Find and Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York City.


If you find yourself in the position of needing to locate a criminal defense lawyer in New York City, you may be at a loss for where to begin or really what to look for.  My name is Don Murray, and I am a partner in the New York City criminal defense law firm Shalley and Murray.  In this site I will offer some objective advice to help you in your search for the right New York City criminal defense lawyer for you and your case

Every case is different and every person is different.  Every lawyer who practices criminal defense, therefore, is not the right lawyer for every case, and yes, that applies to me too.  Different lawyers have different interests, strengths, and weaknesses.  Also, it is nice and frequently helpful to get along with your lawyer.  Therefore if you have a choice, it is nice to try to find a good match.

I am going to help you find that good match.  Lest you suspect that this is going to be some sort of predetermined path to my telephone number, I'll tell you right now, the right lawyer for you may not be me.

Imagine that.



If you are inclined to want to find out more about me, my experience, and my interests to see if I might be the right lawyer for your case, read this article.  Whether you want to find out about where I went to school, my work experience, my legal interests, or even what sort of personal interests I have, you will find out here.

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Where to Begin

So you think you may need a criminal defense lawyer in New York City and you have no idea how or where to begin.  You may be reluctant to ask friends or family out of embarrassment of the need for a criminal defense lawyer.  And even if you do ask, you have to wonder whether people will volunteer information when having a criminal defense lawyer to recommend suggests that the friends needed a criminal defense lawyer in the past.  So what sort of things to look for?  

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